Final statements

The Second Session of the European Council for FATWA and Research

In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious

the most Merciful


The Second Session of the European

Council for FATWA and Research


Islamic and cultural Centre

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

09/10/1998  – 11/10/1998

Final Statement

The European Council for FATWA and Research, chaired by Sheikh Yousif Qaradawi, has concluded its second conference in Dublin, the republic of Ireland.

Questions concerning some Islamic topics, where fatwas had been sought, which were raised during the previous year’s conference were answered. The secretary-general of the Council was assigned the task of editing the replies and sending them to the concerned parties. The secretariat-general has also been asked to publish the answers for the benefit of other Muslims as well.

Amongst issues and questions deliberated during the current session, the following recommendations were made:

  • The conferees encourage the Muslim community in Europe to exercise every possible effort to secure recognition for Islam. Muslims are also encouraged to seek their rights to arrange their lives in compliance with their faith. For this very reason, the conferees urge Muslims in the West to establish juristic bodies to look after their personal status and religious affairs. Due respect, however, should be paid to the host European nations’ laws and regulations.

  • The conference recommends Muslims to hold tight to Qura’n and Sunnah as well as the general consensus in every aspect of their lives. Conscious attention should be made to Quranic and prophetic texts which make it obligatory on Muslims to respect and fulfil the pledges they made on entry to the European countries as Allah (SWT) says: And fulfil (every) engagement for (every) engagement will be enquired into (on the Day of Reckoning). Sura 17 A. (34).

Amongst the pledges and promises that should never be broken are the following:

  • The belief that the lives and properties of non-Muslims are haram therefore must not be abused or harmed.

  • Laws and regulations of the hosting countries should be abided by since these countries have been in fact providing shelter, protection and sustenance to all those who live under their umbrella. Allah (SWT) says: Is there any Reward for Good other than Good. Sura 55, A60.

  • Muslims should not, under whatever circumstances, abuse the benefit system. Nor should they apply for benefits that they do not qualify for.  

  • Muslims are advised to exert their utmost to raise their children in an Islamic environment by means of establishing Islamic schools, educational and recreational centres where youngsters can meet and where their distinguished, independent character can grow properly.

  • The Muslims are advised to hold steadfast to the rope of Allah and show tolerance and observance to others. However, whenever an issue of contention is debated or discussed genuine understanding, moderation and self-restraint should always be present and exercised.

  • Fanatic allegiance to one opinion to the total rejection of others’ opinions does no good to the cause of Islam other than portray Muslims as though that they can not conduct proper let alone constructive dialogue. This also contributes to the misrepresentation of the pristine image of Muslims and supplies “others” with live ammunition to attack Islam from every corner, heighten their hatred, and enhance and substantiate their prejudices.

Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Al-Judai has been appointed as the new secretary-general of The General Committee of the European Council.

Sheikh Mohammed Said Al-Badanjaki, the outgoing secretary-general has been praised for his serving time in the office.

Sub-committees for Fatwas for some European countries were selected. Two were approved:

  1. France: Tel. No. 00033386794062, Fax: 00033386850119.
  2. Britain, Tel. No. 00441614344544, Fax: 0044161 4914469.

The next conference will be held in May 1999 God-willing.


European Council for FATWA and Research


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